Please note: Stephy's Place will re-open as soon as possible. At this time, all groups are being done virtually. Please click below and provide us with the information required, and someone will get back to you.
Our Support Groups include:
  • Virtual - Loss Due to COVID-19  - spouse, child, sibling, or parent (this group is not for anyone under 18)
  • Loss of Spouse/Partner - weekly, call/email for day & time
  • Loss of Child - weekly, call/email for day & time
  • Loss due to Suicide - Group #1 -every other Wednesday @ 7pm - 
  • Loss due to Suicide - Group #2 - every other Wednesday @7pm - 
  • Loss of Sibling - every other Wednesday@8pm- not meeting virtually
  • (Adult) Loss of Parent (Kristine)-every other Wednesday @7pm 
  • (Adult Loss of Parent (Steve) - every other Wednesday @ 7pm  
  • (Adult Loss of Parent (Kerry) - every other Tuesday @6pm
  •  Divorce Support - every other Monday @6pm  
  • Infant Loss - Tuesday @ 5pm
We offer weekly day & evening groups, T-Th.  If you are interested in joining one of our groups, please click here or call 732-614-1142.  Please note: email will render the quickest response.
Registration for All groups is Mandatory.  You must recieve an email response to your request or a phone call in order to attend a group session.

Parking for Stephy’s Place is located in front of the building (four spaces to the left marked “Stephy’s Place”). There is additional parking along the right side of the building as well as across the street in the Day's Funeral Home Family Center lot. Please leave the parking spaces closest to their entrance available for their guests.